Friday, August 12, 2005

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A Racing Family

Web Editor: Hugh Zeitlin Channel 13 Sports

The Cochran Motor Speedway will see folks pile in for the Winged Outlaw Sprint Car racing on Saturday night. A 19-year-old out of Florida won the event last year, and he's back. Eyewitness Sports shows you why his style of racing is a complete family affair.

Danny Martin, Jr., is pretty good at racing, holding quite a few top five and top ten finishes. The kid travels with two cars because this is bang em up kind of racing.

Danny Martin, Jr., Racer:
'We go to a lot of two day shows... you drive all the way to Tennessee you destroy your car the first night, which is pretty likely, in a sprint car you want to have another car so you can race the following night.'

The folks that keep him racing sit pretty close to his heart. His crew chief is his best friend, Dewey. His dad drives the rig. And Tucker, the dog, provides security.

Karen Martin, Mom:
'When you tell him we're going racing he just perks right up.'

Mom takes care of Tucker. Danny had to learn all the nuts and bolts of life in the fast lane. Other teams have mechanics... Martin didn't have that advantage.

Danny Martin, Jr., Racer:
'We have to try and figure the car out then drive it. That's why it took us a year and a half to run good and now that we finally learned it was better that way."

One day, Danny wants to drive NASCAR. He'll get a mechanic then. But you can bet he'll find a place for this crew that got him started.

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